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Bullet Points

Bullet Points is an AI-powered tool that provides news briefs on any specific topic or niche. Simply enter your area of interest, and Bullet Points will use AI to gather key news articles on that topic, saving you time and keeping you informed. It's a free tool that delivers concise and personalized news updates.

Bullet Points: Your Personal AI News Assistant for Expert Briefings


In today's world of constant information bombardment, staying updated is both a necessity and a challenge. The constant influx of articles from myriad news sources can be overwhelming, leading to a struggle in filtering out noise from the news that actually matter to you. Two tools—Bullet Points, your personal AI news assistant, and Feedly, your custom news aggregator—are here to help. This article explores the capabilities of both these platforms, their use of AI, the user experience they offer, their unique features, and the testimonials from real users.

Personalized News Briefings with Bullet Points and Organized Reading with Feedly

As information becomes more accessible, personalized news briefings become increasingly important. Bullet Points caters to this need, providing concise and relevant news summaries tailored to your selected topics. At the same time, Feedly simplifies your reading experience by organizing all your chosen news sources into one clean interface. Now, you can focus on what matters most without wasting time wading through unrelated articles.

The AI Technology Behind Bullet Points and the Ease of Use with Feedly

Bullet Points employs a variety of open-source AI models, including Instructor for embeddings, BART for summarization, FLAN T-5 for curation, and pgvector for semantic search. Working in tandem, these AI models allow Bullet Points to deliver accurate, efficient news briefings. Feedly, on the other hand, offers a seamless sign-up process, letting you use your existing Google, Apple, Twitter, or Microsoft account. Whether you're using a web browser or Feedly's Android or iOS app, your feeds stay synced across devices for a seamless reading experience.

User Experience: Bullet Points Meets Feedly

Both Bullet Points and Feedly understand the importance of an intuitive user interface. Bullet Points delivers briefs straight to your inbox, making staying informed both efficient and enjoyable. Feedly, on the other hand, lets you create and manage personalized feeds. Like creating a personalized magazine, you add content from your chosen sources to your Feedly feeds, creating a one-stop hub for all your favorite reads.

Unique Features: Bullet Points and Feedly

Bullet Points stands out with its user-feedback incorporation and comprehensive news coverage. Meanwhile, Feedly offers great features like the "Read Later" section, where you can save articles you want to read soon, and various sharing options to distribute content across platforms. Both platforms focus on delivering content that is relevant, accurate, and aligned with your interests.

Testimonials and Feedback from Users

The effectiveness of any tool is gauged by user feedback, and both Bullet Points and Feedly have been applauded for their efficiency and convenience. Whether it's journalists needing to stay up-to-date on their beats, professionals seeking industry-specific insights, or the avid reader who wants a neatly organized reading space, these tools have become invaluable resources.


In our information-saturated world, tools like Bullet Points and Feedly stand out for their commitment to simplifying news consumption. They bring together the best of AI technology and user-centered design, delivering a seamless, personalized news experience. Harness the power of Bullet Points for your expert briefings and Feedly for your organized reading, and join the growing community of users navigating the news with ease.

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