Feedly is a powerful and user-friendly content aggregator that pulls together news feeds and other content from a wide range of online sources. It allows users to curate a personalized digital magazine by subscribing to feeds from news sites, blogs, social media, and more. With its cross-platform compatibility, you can read and manage your content from any device. With features like customizable folders, article saving and sharing options, and cross-device synchronization, Feedly simplifies the process of staying updated on topics you're interested in.

Streamlining Information with Feedly: Your One-Stop-Shop for Tailored Content

In a world overflowing with information, it can be overwhelming to sift through every article, blog post, or news item that sparks your interest. That's where Feedly steps in. As a comprehensive and robust feed reader, Feedly neatly brings together information from a vast array of sources—news sites, blogs, social media, and more—creating a singular space for all the content that matters to you.

The Ease of Signing Up for Feedly

Gone are the days of lengthy sign-up forms and frustrating processes. With Feedly, you can set up your account in a flash. How? It's simple. Navigate to feedly.com or open the Feedly mobile app, click on "Get Started for Free", and choose your preferred sign-up method. You can use your Google, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft account, or just your email address.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Feedly Interface

Feedly isn't just tied to your desktop. With cross-device compatibility, you can access your feeds from any web browser or via the Feedly app for Android and iOS. This means that whether you're cozy at home or on-the-go, your reading habits and feeds remain synced across all your devices, ensuring seamless content access anytime, anywhere.

Mastering the Art of Feed Creation and Management

Feeds in Feedly are akin to personalized magazines. You create a new feed, akin to a folder, then populate it with content from your chosen sources. To create a new feed, select "Create a Folder", give it a name, and then click on "Add Content". You can search for topics, websites, or even paste an RSS feed URL. Once you find the content you want, simply click on "Follow" to add it to your feed. You can add more content to your feed anytime using the same process.

Feedly also supports batch importing of RSS feeds with the OPML Import page, making it even easier to curate the content you love.

Navigating the World of News in Feedly

Your feeds come alive in the left-hand panel of Feedly. Clicking on a folder displays all updates from the sources within it. The "Today" and "All" sections offer a holistic view of your feeds, showing all the content released today and older items, respectively. To help you stay on top of your reading, Feedly displays an unread count next to each feed. After reading an article, you can mark it as read, helping you keep track of what's new and what's been covered.

Beyond Reading: Saving and Sharing Content with Feedly

Feedly isn't just about consumption—it's a platform for content organization and sharing too. Boards function as your personal storage for articles you'd like to revisit. To create a new board, simply choose "Create New Board", give it a name, and start saving articles to it.

The "Read Later" section serves as a temporary placeholder for articles you want to read soon, while the sharing options allow you to distribute content across various platforms, from email and Buffer to WordPress and social media.

Unlocking Feedly’s Full Potential: Pro and Pro+

For avid readers, Feedly offers two paid versions—Pro and Pro+. These premium versions amplify your experience with features like an increased source limit (up to 1,000 or more), premium fonts, advanced search capabilities, additional sharing options, and more. For businesses, Feedly Enterprise expands the source limit to over 7,000 and offers other features like newsletter creation and API access.

Complementing Feedly with Smart-Tools

In your quest for efficient content management, Smart-Tools can be a beneficial companion. As the blog hub for the Smart-Tools website, it provides a plethora of posts that mirror the variety and quality of articles found on Feedly. It's yet another resource for enriching your content palette, just a click away at smart-tools.ai/posts.


Feedly is more than a feed reader—it's a powerful tool for personalizing, organizing, and streamlining the influx of digital content that fills our daily lives. Whether you're a casual reader or a content connoisseur, Feedly offers a flexible and robust platform that keeps you connected to the content you care about. Remember, in the vast sea of information, the right tools can make all the difference.

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