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Stillgram is an innovative AI-powered travel camera app for iPhone that magically removes background crowds from your photos. Whether it's a family portrait at a famous landmark or an Instagram-ready shot of an emptied street, Stillgram makes it possible. With its offline functionality and optimization for iPhone’s Neural Engine, users can quickly and conveniently create unique, crowd-free images. This app offers both free and Pro versions, with the latter unlocking additional features for a more advanced experience.



Stillgram Overview

An AI-powered app that can remove background crowds from photos, allowing users to capture clear and crowd-free shots of iconic destinations.

User Reviews

Positive feedback from users worldwide. Olivier Plante called it a "needed one for strangers ruining your shots" while Aaron O'Leary referred to it as "awesome."

Key Features

Uses advanced AI technology to differentiate between the primary subject and the crowd, works offline, optimized to work quickly with the iPhone's Neural Engine.

Usage Tips

Avoid static crowds, aim for moving crowds, and find an angle where the crowd is visible. The app will then analyze the pattern, erase the people, and fill out the picture.


Free version and Pro version available. The Pro version offers additional features and no watermarks.

Complementary Tools

Swap Anything, an AI-powered tool that allows users to edit any part of an image with a simple text description.

AI in Image Editing

The role of AI in revolutionizing image editing and making the process of creating professional-quality images more accessible.


Stillgram is a highly recommended tool for travelers and photography enthusiasts for its user-friendly interface, powerful AI capabilities, and offline functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stillgram?

Stillgram is an AI-powered app that can remove background crowds from your photos, leaving you with clear, crowd-free shots of your favorite travel destinations.

How does Stillgram work?

Stillgram uses advanced AI technology to analyze images and differentiate between the primary subject and the crowd. Once the primary subject is selected, the app removes the rest of the crowd from the photo.

Can I use Stillgram offline?

Yes, one of the key features of Stillgram is that it can operate offline, eliminating the need for a data connection, which is especially useful while traveling.

How fast does Stillgram work?

Stillgram is optimized to work quickly with the iPhone's Neural Engine, ensuring your edited photos are ready in no time.

Is Stillgram free?

Stillgram offers a free version, as well as a Pro version which comes with additional features. The Pro version can be accessed through a monthly subscription or a one-off purchase.

What other tools can I use alongside Stillgram?

Swap Anything is a great tool to use alongside Stillgram. It is an AI-powered tool that lets you edit any part of an image just by describing the changes in text.

Master the Art of Crowd-free Travel Photography with Stillgram

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to capture picture-perfect shots of iconic destinations but constantly find yourself frustrated with crowd-filled images? The solution is here, and it's called Stillgram. This revolutionary AI-powered app magically removes background crowds from your photos, making your memories even more memorable.

Stillgram: Your New Travel Companion

Picture this scenario: you're standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. The sun is setting, painting the sky in hues of orange and purple, providing the perfect backdrop. But there's one problem - a sea of tourists, all scrambling to capture their version of the same moment. This is where Stillgram comes in. With a simple tap, you can upload the image, select yourself as the subject to keep, and let the app do its magic. The end result? A stunning shot of you standing solo in front of the Eiffel Tower, sans the crowd.

Praised by Users Around the World

Stillgram's uniqueness and effectiveness have earned it rave reviews from users. Olivier Plante, a satisfied user, expressed his appreciation for the app, saying, "Love the idea, a needed one for strangers ruining your shots." Similarly, Aaron O'Leary calls it "awesome" and anticipates that it's going to be the best friend of many mobile photographers. The reviews are a testament to Stillgram's usability and its innovative approach to solving a common problem among travelers and photography enthusiasts.

Stillgram's Features: Unpacking the Magic

At the heart of Stillgram is its sophisticated AI technology that allows it to analyze images and differentiate between the primary subject and the crowd. The app's interface is intuitive, similar to the native camera app on your iPhone, making it user-friendly.

One of the standout features of Stillgram is its ability to operate offline, eliminating the need for data connection that is typically required by most AI-based apps. This feature makes it a traveler's best friend, as you don't have to worry about hefty data charges while you're abroad.

Another advantage of Stillgram is its incredible speed. It's optimized to work with the iPhone's Neural Engine, ensuring your edited photos - or 'stillgrams' as they're called - are ready in no time.

Pro Tips for Stillgram Success

Getting the most out of Stillgram requires a bit of strategy. To ensure the app effectively removes crowds from your photos, avoid static crowds that block the entire background. Aim for moving crowds instead and try to find an angle where you can see them moving. Once you find the right angle, it's as simple as point-and-shoot. The app's AI analyses the patterns, erases the people, fills out the picture, and there you have it - your perfect crowd-free shot is ready to share.

Stillgram: Quality Comes at a Price

With a free version and a Pro version available for a monthly subscription or one-off purchase, Stillgram offers a range of options to suit different needs. The Pro version comes with additional features, like the ability to choose who stays in the photo and an absence of watermarks.

Other Tools for Image Editing: Swap Anything

While Stillgram makes removing crowds from photos a breeze, other tools can complement your photo editing toolkit. One such tool is Swap Anything. This AI-powered tool allows users to edit any part of an image with a simple text description. Whether you want to change the color of a dress or add a sunset background to a beach photo, Swap Anything makes it as easy as describing the change in text.

The Future is AI: Democratizing Image Editing

Stillgram and Swap Anything are prime examples of how AI is revolutionizing image editing. With such tools at our fingertips, the process of creating stunning, professional-quality images has become accessible to everyone. The future holds even more exciting prospects as AI continues to evolve and innovate.


In conclusion, Stillgram is a must-have for any traveler or photography enthusiast who wishes to capture unspoiled, crowd-free photos. Its easy-to-use interface, powerful AI capabilities, and offline functionality make it the perfect travel companion. Give Stillgram a try on your next adventure, and experience the magic of crowd-free travel photography. Visit Stillgram to download the app and Swap Anything to enhance your image editing capabilities further.

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