Beehiiv is a creator-friendly newsletters platform that offers easy-to-use features for email marketing, landing page creation, and monetization. With its broad functionality and potential for monetization through partner programs, boosts, ad network, and paid subscriptions, Beehiiv provides content creators with an excellent opportunity to grow their email list and generate revenue.

Beehiiv (2023): The Ultimate Platform for Monetizing Newsletters and Growing Your Email List

What is Beehiiv and How It Works

Beehiiv is positioned as "the most creator-friendly newsletters platform." Though relatively young, it already functions as a decent newsletter platform with the potential to become a market giant. It offers a clear UI and robust functionality, making it much more than conventional newsletter software. From landing page creation to blogging and monetization, Beehiiv has it all. I registered on Beehiiv in May 2022 to explore its functionality, and I have found it easy to understand and navigate around.

Beehiiv's Monetization Opportunities

Beehiiv offers various monetization avenues for content creators, making it stand out from other platforms. Here are some of the key opportunities:

  1. Beehiiv Partner Program: Join as a partner, promote Beehiiv among your audience, and earn a 50% commission from every sale during the first year for referring new paid customers to Beehiiv. I've personally earned from this program through my website and organic search results.

  2. Boosts: Accelerate your email list growth by promoting your newsletter among thousands of qualified Beehiiv newsletters. You can also get paid for every new subscriber you attract.

  3. Ad Network: Connect with premium brands and earn revenue by featuring ads in your newsletters. The ad network matches brands with newsletters based on audience demographics and interests, ensuring the right people see the ads.

  4. Paid Subscriptions: Generate recurring revenue by offering premium content through paid newsletters. Beehiiv charges no fees for paid newsletters, making it an attractive option for content creators.

Comparison with Other Email Marketing Platforms

To help you make an informed decision, let's compare Beehiiv with other popular email marketing platforms:

  1. ConvertKit: Known for powerful automation capabilities, ConvertKit is a solid choice for integrating email marketing with platforms like WordPress and Teachable.

  2. Substack: Similar to Beehiiv, Substack offers features like email marketing, landing pages, and monetization options. Both platforms have their unique strengths.

Getting Started with Beehiiv

To begin, create a landing page using Beehiiv's intuitive dashboard. The platform offers various forms depending on your needs, including full-width, fixed width, slim embed, and advanced configuration options.

Exploring Beehiiv's Features

Once you've set up your landing page, you can create posts and newsletters through the content editor. Beehiiv's content editor is user-friendly and efficient, making it easy to craft engaging content for your audience.

Understanding Beehiiv's Pricing

While many features are free, essential functionalities and monetization options are available in the Grow, Scale, and Enterprise plans. Choose the plan that best suits your needs, keeping in mind the size of your email list and the features you require.

Beehiiv AI

beehiiv AI is an innovative platform tailored specifically for newsletter operators, offering an array of cutting-edge AI tools to streamline and elevate content creation. With its advanced capabilities, beehiiv AI empowers users to work smarter, not harder, unleashing the full potential of their newsletters.

At the core of beehiiv AI is the AI Writing Assistant, a powerful tool that brings ideas to life effortlessly. By simply describing the content users envision, selecting the desired tone and length, the magic of AI takes over, crafting compelling pieces with ease.

AI Text Tools take content optimization to a whole new level. From auto-correction to auto-completion, changing tones or regenerating text entirely, beehiiv AI simplifies the writing process and ensures polished, error-free results.

Diving into the world of visual appeal, beehiiv AI's AI Image Tools unleash creativity. Users can conjure up stunning images by describing them, allowing the AI to transform imagination into reality, adding captivating visuals to newsletters.

Breaking language barriers, the AI Translator enables seamless content translation into multiple languages right within the editor. This feature allows newsletter operators to connect with a global audience effortlessly.

Testimonials from satisfied users, including Shaan Puri, the founder at Milkroad, attest to the platform's effectiveness and game-changing impact. Unlike other platforms with less useful AI features, beehiiv AI stands out as a valuable, additive toolset for content creators.

The platform's holistic approach covers not only content creation but also aspects of growth, monetization, and analysis. From spell check to sentence editing, beehiiv AI ensures newsletters are polished and professional, captivating readers with engaging writing styles.

With beehiiv AI, newsletter operators have a powerful ally in their quest to create, monetize, and scale their newsletters. Embracing simplicity and efficiency, the suite of AI tools empowers users to deliver high-quality content, expanding what's possible in the realm of newsletter operations.


In conclusion, Beehiiv is a powerful and promising platform for content creators looking to monetize their newsletters and grow their email list. Its partner program, boosts, ad network, and paid subscriptions offer numerous opportunities for revenue generation. With a clear UI, broad functionality, and an emphasis on helping creators succeed, Beehiiv proves to be a valuable tool in your email marketing arsenal.

So, whether you are a seasoned content creator or just starting, Beehiiv's feature-rich platform and monetization opportunities make it worth considering. Take advantage of Beehiiv's free tier to explore its functionalities and see how it can boost your email marketing efforts. Start growing your email list and monetizing your newsletters with Beehiiv today!

Other Comparable Tools

While Beehiiv is an excellent choice, it's essential to explore other email marketing platforms too. Some comparable tools to consider include ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and Substack. Each platform has its unique features and strengths, so take the time to compare them and find the one that aligns best with your business goals.

Remember, success in email marketing lies in choosing the right platform that caters to your specific needs and supports your growth as a content creator. So, make your data-driven decision and embark on a rewarding journey with your email list and monetization strategies. Happy creating!

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