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Rokoko is a company that offers a variety of motion capture tools and services, enabling users to create realistic and immersive animations. Their product lineup includes full performance capture, Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves, and Face Capture, as well as the free Rokoko Video tool, which allows users to animate using their webcam. Real-time tracking is also available to enhance the animation experience, making Rokoko a popular choice for both professional animators and hobbyists.

Rokoko: Revolutionizing Motion Capture for Animators

Rokoko is a cutting-edge provider of motion capture tools and services, enabling users to create realistic and immersive animations. Their innovative product lineup includes the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves, Face Capture, and the free Rokoko Video tool. With real-time tracking capabilities, Rokoko is transforming the animation experience. This article will dive into the world of Rokoko and explore its features, benefits, and impact on the animation industry.

Rokoko's Motion Capture Solutions

Smartsuit Pro II: Full-Body Performance Capture

The Smartsuit Pro II is Rokoko's flagship full-body performance capture suit. It is a lightweight, wireless, and easy-to-use solution that allows animators to record high-quality motion capture data without the need for a dedicated studio. The Smartsuit Pro II is perfect for indie game developers, animation studios, and even film production teams looking to streamline their animation workflows.

Smartgloves: Realistic Hand and Finger Animation

Rokoko's Smartgloves bring a new level of detail to hand and finger animation. These gloves capture the subtlest movements and gestures, enabling users to create more nuanced and expressive animations. They can be used in conjunction with the Smartsuit Pro II or as a standalone solution for hand and finger motion capture.

Face Capture: Bringing Characters to Life

The Face Capture tool from Rokoko allows animators to create realistic facial animations by capturing an actor's facial expressions and transferring them to a digital character. This technology brings new depth to character animation, making it easier than ever to create believable and engaging performances.

Rokoko Video: Animate with Your Webcam

Rokoko Video is a free tool that enables users to create animations using their webcam. This user-friendly solution allows animators to bring their ideas to life in minutes, without any specialized hardware or software. It's perfect for those who are new to motion capture or looking for a quick and easy way to experiment with animation.

Real-Time Tracking: Enhancing the Animation Experience

Rokoko's real-time tracking capabilities allow users to see their animations come to life in real-time as they perform. This immediate feedback enables animators to iterate and perfect their performances faster and more efficiently than ever before. Real-time tracking also opens up new possibilities for virtual production, live performances, and interactive experiences.

Comparing Rokoko with Other Motion Capture Solutions

Rokoko's motion capture tools and services stand out from other solutions like Movmi and Cascadeur due to their focus on full performance capture and real-time tracking capabilities. While Movmi specializes in creating 3D animations from videos using AI-powered software, and Cascadeur is a standalone 3D keyframe animation software, Rokoko offers comprehensive solutions for full-body, hand, and facial animation capture, making it a one-stop-shop for animators looking to create realistic and immersive animations.

Rokoko's Impact on the Animation Industry

Rokoko is revolutionizing the animation industry by making high-quality motion capture accessible to a wider audience. Their range of products and services allows animators to create stunning, realistic animations without the need for expensive hardware, large studio spaces, or extensive technical knowledge. By democratizing motion capture, Rokoko is empowering animators to push the boundaries of their creative visions and bring their stories to life like never before.


Rokoko's suite of motion capture tools and services, including the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartg loves, Face Capture, and Rokoko Video, offers animators an unparalleled opportunity to create realistic and immersive animations. With real-time tracking capabilities and a user-friendly interface, Rokoko is changing the game for animators across the globe. Whether you're a professional animator or a hobbyist looking to experiment with motion capture, Rokoko's solutions provide an accessible, efficient, and innovative approach to bringing your characters to life.

Rokoko's Growing Community and Support

As Rokoko's popularity grows, so does its community of users. Animators worldwide are embracing the benefits of Rokoko's motion capture tools and services, sharing their experiences and learning from one another. Rokoko's website provides resources such as tutorials, documentation, and forums, fostering a supportive environment for users to learn and grow as animators.

Additionally, Rokoko's Discord server offers a platform for real-time communication and collaboration, allowing users to discuss their projects, ask questions, and share tips and tricks with fellow animators. This sense of community and support is invaluable for those looking to excel in the world of animation.

The Future of Rokoko and Motion Capture

As technology continues to advance, we can expect Rokoko to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in motion capture. With ongoing improvements to their existing products and the potential for new and innovative tools on the horizon, Rokoko is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of the animation industry.

In the future, we may see even more seamless integration between Rokoko's motion capture solutions and popular animation software, as well as further advancements in real-time tracking and performance capture technology. As Rokoko continues to evolve, one thing is for sure: the future of motion capture is brighter than ever, and Rokoko is leading the way.

In conclusion, Rokoko's comprehensive suite of motion capture tools and services, combined with its user-friendly approach and growing community, make it a top choice for animators looking to create realistic and engaging animations. Whether you're an industry professional or just starting in the world of animation, Rokoko has something to offer. With its innovative products and dedication to advancing the animation industry, Rokoko is truly revolutionizing the world of motion capture.

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